Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Review: NYX Dark Circle Concealer

Hey Dolls!

Dark Circles can be a pain in the butt. Sleep, heredity, and allergies/colds are some of the main causes of dark circles. With all those causes it is hard to avoid getting dark circles. Which is why dark circle correcting concealer is amazing for covering them up. The issue is finding a concealer that works. I have been on the hunt for an amazing drugstore dark circle correcting concealer and I do believe I found one. So, in today's post I will be giving a detailed review of my new favorite drugstore dark circle correcting concealer. Let's jump into!

Let's begin with a brief overview of the product...

The concealer I have been using to cover my dark circles is the NYX dark circle concealer. It's a potted cream based concealer. The concealer claims to cover dark circles by using that orange clay pigment to help counteract the blue tones under the eye. It also says that it contains coconut oil to hydrate the under eye areas. This product is sold at Ulta,, local beauty supplies stores, and Targets. The concealer retails for $5.99. There are four different shades in the collection. It ranges from fair to deep; My shade is deep. The container holds 0.1oz. of product.

Pros and Cons of the product...

  1. This has a smooth consistency. It does not pull on my under eye area.
  2. It has buildable coverage. Which makes it perfect for day and night uses.
  3. Does not crease once I set it with powder.
  4. Has a orange undertone that helps remove the blue tones that are under my eye.
  5. I love how inexpensive it is.
  6. It feels lightweight under the eyes.
  7. It brightens up my face without being "high beam-ish".
  1. I wish it contained a bit more orange that it does. Though it removes me blue tones I usually prefer a more orange color.
  2. I have long natural nails so it is a bit hard getting product out. I wish the pot was a bit larger.
My opinion over all...

I love this product it is prefect! I highly recommend this to all you Dolls especially the beginners at makeup or people in a rush because, it is a multitasking product. It is a color corrector and concealer in one which means their is no need to add more concealer over to hide any orange pigment on the skin or to brighten up the face. I think you Dolls will really love this concealer.

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NYX Dark Circle Concealer:

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