Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back Pack Essentials

Hey Dolls!

For some of you school is underway and for others school still has not started yet. With that said I wanted to add another post to my back to school series. This post is going to be about the most important thing you need for school... YOUR BACK PACK! There are a few essentials that I believe every girl's back pack should have. Of course, I wanted to share those essentials with you Dolls! So, without further a do let's jump into it!

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  1. A backpack: A sturdy back pack can really make your school life easier. Make sure your back pack is well put together an can stand the weight of heavy books, computers, and etc. Also, make sure you have enough space to put in everything you may need. Small bags maybe cute but, they are not practical.
  2. Your books: This is a no brainer...
  3. Organizers (of some sort.): Whether you use a binder, folders, or any other organizer you should always have something to keep your work in order. TIP: Use different color organizers for each subject.  
  4. A student planner: A planner is a great resource. It can help you help you keep track of your extra curricular activities, homework assignments, and any appointments you may have.
  5. Gum or mints: This is a great way to freshen up your breath when a tooth brush is unable.
  6. Hand sanitizer: Every thing in the world is germy but, a school is extra germy. Use hand sanitizer to help you reduce your chance of sickness.
  7. A pencil case: Have plenty of pens, pencils, highlighters, and erasers handy. You never know when you will need a new one.
  8. Water: Hydration is important. Carry water around to keep yourself hydrated.
  9. A snack: In between snack you may get hungry carry a healthy snack with you.
  10. A makeup bag: Touch ups are a must! Carry your makeup bag with you for quick touch ups. (The link to my makeup bag post will be below.)
  11. Tampons or pads: sometimes our monthly friend likes to surprise us. Carry tampons and pads so you are never caught off guard.
  12. A brush: Hair can easily become unruly. Carry a brush to help tame the beast aka hair!
  13. A few hair pins and hair ties: You never know when your hair is going to start thinking for itself. Have bobby pins and hair ties on deck so you are never caught off guard.
That's all folks!
Those were my backpack essentials. Those items were a few things I believe every girl should carry in her backpack.

I hope this post was helpful. If you have comments, questions, or requests feel free to leave them below. If you would like to contact me refer to the 'follow me' page above. There you will find all of the different ways to get in contact with me. Remember to share this blog with your friends and family. Thank you for stopping by the makeup junkie! I hope you have a fantastic week!
-The Makeup Junkie

DISCLAIMER: All opinions given were my own. I was not paid to make a post on this topic.

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