Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus

Hey Dolls!

I am not a makeup artist. So, what I have learned about makeup has been from watching YouTube. YouTube is a great platform to learn from. There are thousands of talented people on YouTube. However, I do have a few favorite beauty gurus. In today's post I will be talking about my favorite gurus. I recommend all of these women because they are creative, talented, and interesting to watch. So, without further a do let's jump into the post!

P.S. I did not list them in any particular order. I enjoy each guru equally.
P.P.S I will link their YouTube Channels below.

1. Jaclyn Hill: Jaclyn is a makeup artist and former MAC employee. She is a gorgeous red head with a lot of talent. Her personality is warm, bubbly, and funny. Her tutorials are depth and easy to follow. Jaclyn's filming and editing style is flawless and high quality. Rightly, she has recently hit 1,000,000 subscribers. She also recently made two lip glosses with the company whitening lightening. I recommend her to people who love in depth, step by step tutorials. She is amazing.

2. MakeupD0ll: Keisha is a gorgeous young lady who makes makeup and hair tutorials. (Keisha is her first name.) Her personality is bubbly and sweet. Her tutorials are easy to follow and unique. The quality of her videos are outstanding. She uploads regularly and is dedicated to her channel's success. I recommend this pretty lady to all of you Dolls!

3. Shannxo:she is a highly successful New Zealand YouTuber. Shannon has great beauty channel. Her channel consist of makeup tutorials, get ready with me videos, etc. etc. She loves to do colorful, unique eye looks. She uploads several videos a week and has high quality footage. Her personality is amazing. (Her New Zealand accent is equally amazing.) Shannon used the success of her channel to help propel her makeup brush and eyelash company. Her company has great high quality products for a reasonable price. I recommend this gorgeous beauty guru to anyone who loves makeup.

4. Amanda Ensing: this girl is beyond beautiful and talented. Her channel is amazing. She has hundreds of videos on her channel all of which are of great quality. Though she is not a makeup artist she does plenty of beautiful, well put together videos. Her personality is sweet and fun. She is definitely a joy to watch. I highly recommend her.


5. Chrisspy: she is a newer YouTuber who I adore. Her talent is beyond anything I could ever explain. She has a fearless style and an amazing personality. I love her creativity. Her artistic side shows in her videos. Chrissy's videos look like mini movies. The quality of them are superb. She has an amazing style and is always on trend. Her makeup looks are classically beautiful. She is easy to follow and fun to watch. I recommend this beauty to everyone.

Nicole Guerriero

6. Nicole Guerriero: Nicole was one of the first YouTube beauty gurus I watched. Though she is not a M.U.A. her talent is out of this world. Her tips and tricks are extremely useful and her tutorials are easy to follow. This gorgeous girl has the type of personality that could light up a room. The quality of her footage is amazing. It is obvious she puts in a lot of effort. Like most gurus she does reviews, get ready with me videos, first impressions, etc. She uploads frequently and is super dedicated to the beauty community. I highly recommend her to all makeup/beauty lovers.

Destiny Godley

7. Destiny Godley: Ms. Godley was one of the first dark skinned YouTuber I watched. She is ridiculously talented and full of life. Her videos cater to deeper complexions. The quality of her videos is outstanding. Her tutorials are easy to follow and entertaining to watch. Aside from makeup Destiny does fitness videos as well. She is not afraid of being curvy. Her bold, fearless personality gives me life. She is a huge inspiration. She is a reminder of how beautiful women of color can really be. I recommend her to everyone but, especially women of color.

That's all Folks!
I love each and everyone of these girls. They are my inspirations.

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