Friday, August 15, 2014

Review: L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

Hey Dolls!

Every girl is on the search for a mascara that makes lashes big, voluminous, and doll like. For years L'Oreal has had a collection of mascaras entitled Voluminous. Their line is filled with dozens of amazing mascaras. And it seems like every year they come out with at least one new mascara for the collection. Each mascara is usually better than the last. Of course to stay true to makeup evolution they have released a new mascara. The newest mascara to be added to the collection is the Miss Magna mascara. And of course the makeup junkie in me bought it and put it to the test. In today's post I will be reviewing this product. Of course I will give my overview, pros/cons, and my overall opinion on if it is worth buying. So, without further rambling let's jump into!

Let's begin with product a quick product overview...
Poster of L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

The L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga mascara claims to feature a 360 degree Flexor Brush to help with volume. It also claims that its formula instantly builds lashes up; giving 12x more volume. Another claim the company makes it is, the mascara will give a wide eyed effect to the eyes. It also states that it is clump free, flake free, smudge proof, allergy tested, suitable for sensitive eyes, and suitable for contact lens wearers. Brown/black, black, and blackest black are the three shades in the collection. It comes in a waterproof formula. I own blackest black in the waterproof formula. The container holds 0.29 oz. of product. This mascara retails for $7.99. It can be purchased at any drugstore, Ulta, and L'

The Pros and Cons of this product...

  1. The pink packaging is cute.
  2. Has a drier formula which helps prevent smudging.
  3. It is buildable but, it does get some clumps.
  4. Adds volume to lashes.
  5. Gives great length to the lashes.
  6. It is smudge proof.
  7. It is flake free.
  8. The brush makes it easy to get even the little inner corner lashes.
  1. Packaging... Although it is cute it is large. I have to store it separately from my others. 
Overall opinion...

I really do like this mascara. It is great for adding length and volume to the lashes. Though it does a bit it is no issue for me because I actually like a bit of clumpiness. I recommend it to anyone who loves volume in their lashes.

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Miss Manga Mascara:

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