Friday, August 8, 2014

How to Stay Organzied

Hey Dolls!

At the beginning of the school year we are all very organized. Mostly because we don't have a lot of papers or homework to keep up with. However, as the school year rages on some of us become disorganized. With this comes having to redo things, having missing assignments, etc. etc. To help keep the stress and frustration of being disorganized at bay I provide you Dolls with a couple of organization tips. So, let's jump into it.
  1. Label folders, binders, and notebooks. Labeling will help you easily choose with notebook,
    binder, or folder is for what class. This way you never accidently place something in the wrong subject's notebook, binder, or folder.
  2. Use separate folders, binders, and notebooks for every subject. I know there are such things as several subject notebooks but, using those may cause an issue. For example, if you accidently right an important note in the wrong section or if you run out of space in one section then you right it in another and later forget where you wrote the note. Plus, it looks neater. This logic works for folders and binders as well.
  3. Use a planner. I know I said this in my Study Tips post (if you haven't seen my study tips post I will link it below.) but, using a planner is  super important. Planners help you remember what has to be done, in what time frame, and if it has been completed. Keeping all of your activities, homework, projects, and goals in one planner can really help you stay organized and focused.
  4. Do written homework in a notebook. Doing homework in a notebook will help you keep track of the assignment.
  5. Don't tear written homework out of a notebook until you are ready to turn it in. Leaving the assignment in the notebook until it is time to turn it in will ensure that your homework does not get lost.
  6. Color code your subjects. Use one color for one subject only. This way you never mix up a notebook, binder, or folder.
  7. After completing homework at night put it in your bag as soon as you are done. Some mornings are hectic. With all of the running around you may forget a thing or two. If you put your work away as soon as you finish it you ensure that you will never lose an assignment.
That's all folks!

Those were my organization tips for you Dolls! These tips are super helpful and easy to follow. I hope you Dolls try them out!

I hope you all found this post helpful. If you have any questions or comments leave them below.  Remember to share this post with friends and family. I hope you all have a blessed week!

DISCLAIMER: All thoughts given were my own.