Sunday, July 13, 2014

My quick skin care, makeup and, hair routine.

Hey Dolls!

I hate it when you wake up with only a little bit of time to get ready. When you are pressed for time it is important to prioritize and decide what things are most important for you to do to feel run out the door ready. Thankfully (sort of...), I have had to do this enough that I now have a quick skincare, makeup and, hair routine routine to help get me out the door looking put together in no time. So, lets jump into it.

Lets care for our skin! When running late it is easy to neglect your skin.
  1. Wash your face thoroughly. Clean skin should never be optional.
  2. All other things could be skipped on this day but please wash your face.
Let's prep the skin: Just because you are running late doesn't mean you should skip over prepping the skin. This step should not take later than 20-30 seconds.
  1. Use L'Oreal magic lumi primer to add a bit of a glow. Adding this will remove the need for highlighting later on. If you are oily like myself, avoid placing this in areas where you get oily.
  2. Apply lip balm to moisturize lips and prep them for lip color.
Time to work on the eyes. I will be keeping it extremely simple here. I have nice big eyes with fairly long lashes. So, I personally don't need to put a lot of time into my eye area. Therefore, I just take about 5 minutes to do my eyes on days when I am running late.
  1. lightly fill in my brows
  2. Curl lashes.
  3. Tight line with a black eyeliner.
  4. Apply a beige or white liner to water line.
  5. Coat lashes with a coat of mascara.
Now to the face. Spend the time on the skin. When heading to a meeting, work, school, etc. you should focus more on the skin. A good base makes any eyeshadow look, look better. It usually only takes me 7 minutes to complete my entire face on days like this.
  1. Using my Real Techniques expert face brush or my makeup blending sponge I will blend Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Foundation in Deep 74  in a stippling/buffing motion. The high coverage of this foundation and the method of application will give maximum coverage with little time and effort. This should take no longer than a minute or two.
  2. Taking my L.A Girl pro conceal HD concealer in fawn and my pointed foundation brush I will quickly conceal my dark circles under my eyes. This has an orangey tone which eliminates the need for a corrector and a concealer.  I only am highlighting under the eyes because it helps me look more awake plus, it's more important to concealer here than to highlight any where else. If you don't have dark circles you can skin this step all together.
  3. To lightly set my face I use a large powder brush with my Clinique blended face powder.
  4. If I have a spare moment I will use a brightening powder to highlight the under eyes.
  5. To warm the complexion apply a bronzer. I use my ELF contour blush and bronzer duo in Turks and Caicos on a large powder brush. Using a large brush will help cover more space in less time. I generally don't apply blush on days where I am running late.
Onto the finishing touches. Lips are a great way to play up a running late look. This set takes no more than 3 or 4 minutes and it is something you can do once you get to your destination.
  1. Though I personally like nudes I do suggest that when wearing a simple look playing up your lips is a great way to add a pop of color.
  2. To remove the powdery look, set my makeup, and prolong the wear of my makeup I will generally spray my face with Model in a Bottle matte makeup setting spray.
Now lets do our hair.
  1. I usually have extension in my hair. So, to avoid having to do too much in the mornings I tie my hair up. I will braid my extensions, pin down my edges, and put on my scarf. This method helps keep my hair straight, manageable hair to work with. Then I an free to heat up my hot tool and curl or straighten my hair in 2 or so minutes.
  2. If me hair is not in order when I wake up I usually just throw it in a high bun or in a side braid. To tame my edges I use Cream of Nature edge gel. And to get my fly aways I will pin then back with bobby pins. If time allows I will straighten or curl messy piece to make those look slightly more uniform.
Tips to avoid having to run around like a chicken with your head cut off when you are late:
  1. Find your clothes, shoes, and other accessories for the next day the night before. Finding your clothes at night will avoid you having to rush around looking for clothes and accessories.
  2. Pack a breakfast the night before. I usually will make a protein shake, green smoothie, or something like that. I will throw a granola bar, a to-go container of greek yogurt, and some clean fruit into a lunch bag. This way your breakfast is already ready just in case you are late.
  3. I try to pack my purse, backpack, suitcase, or whatever I am carrying the night before as well. It ensures that all the things I need to take with me the next day are already ready. This way I never leave anything behind.
  4. If you like to curl your hair in the morning I would suggest no heat curling methods. This would you save time trying to do your hair in the morning.
  5. My last tip is to shower at night. This simply saves you lots of time in the morning. This way if you are late showering won't be an issue.
That's all folks!

That was my quick skincare, makeup and hair tutorial. This is great for school or work on an everyday basis. I honestly don't do my lips or my mascara until I get to school when I am doing this kind of look. This including putting on my clothes generally takes me about 25 minutes give or take. Though this works for me it may not work for you. Routines like this depend on what someone finds important. I find full coverage face makeup and hair most important. Therefore, I focus on those two things.

I hope you Dolls enjoyed this post. Also, I hope if post helped you guys. If you have questions of comments please leave them in the comments section below. Remember to share this blog with you family and friends. Also remember to 1+ this page and post. I want to thank you for stopping by the Makeup Junkie. I hope you Dolls have a blessed week!
-The Makeup Junkie

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