Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Favorite apps to Edit Instagram and Facebook pictures

Hey Dolls!

Welcome back to Makeup Junkie! So, I wanted to share with you Dolls my favorite apps for editing Instagram and Facebook pictures. I only use these if I see small imperfections such as pimples or scarring. Sometimes I will enhance the whiteness of my teeth or the under eye area if I want. I enhance these areas because phones, cameras, and etc. can dull your appearance and make small blemishes more noticeable. I stray away from huge changes such as weight loss, eye color, or changes in the dimensions of my face. I want to still look like myself once I complete the editing process. So, without further a do let's jump into my favorite apps for editing photos.

  1. Prefect 365- This app is great for enhancing my favorite face features as well as perfecting small imperfections. I use this app to remove blemishes, remove darkness from under my eyes, whiten my teeth, soften the skin and brighten my eyes. This gives app never makes me look fake or overdone. There are other features on the app such as slimming the face, adding makeup, wigs, eye colors and much more. I don't use those because I find that to look unnatural plus, I wear makeup so it isn't something I need to do. I like that this app is widely available. It can be found on android and all apple products it is free as well. Though there are some in-app purchases. (I have never purchased anything from this app.)
  2. Photo Studio- This app is great because it has hundreds of different filters and exposures. I like this because they seem to work a bit better than the Instagram filters. It is free and easy to use.
  3. Pic college- I like to create colleges when I have several pictures I want to show. (This way I am not making a million post.) This app is simple and great for creating unique colleges. There are hundreds of cool stickers, fonts, and borders that can be used. Also, like the other apps it is free. Although, there are some in-app purchases. (I have never purchased anything from this app.) 
That's all folks!


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-The Makeup Junkie

DISCLAIMER: This post is not to say that you Dolls should ever be ashamed of your flaws. It is just nice to sometimes be able to enhance and prefect imperfections. Also, all opinions given were my own. I am not afflicted with any of the companies mentioned in this post.