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Favorite NYX Products

Hey Dolls!

A few months ago I said I wanted to start a series of posts that focuses on my favorite products within a certain brand. Today will be the third installment in that series. The first installment was my updated ELF Favorites Post; the second installment was my  Wet n Wild Favorites. I will link both below. Today's post will be my NYX Favorites. As you all know I'm obsessed with NYX Cosmetics! This is probably my favorite drugstore brand, so it only made sense for me to favorites for them! Let me stop rambling, let's get into it!

  • Cream Blush: I love the pigmentation and lasting power of NYX's cream blush formula. As you all know I have combination oily skin and cream blushes has the tendency to slip and slide on my skin. I'm not sure how they do it but, their cream blushes never move around on my skin. I personally enjoy diva the most. It is a deep berry blush; that shade works perfectly for deeper skin tones. 
  • HD Finishing Powder in Banana: I picked this up awhile a go and I am sooooooo glad I did! It's a light yellow powder that I use to set my under eye and set my eyeshadow base. This probably the softest pressed powder I have ever found! It has buildable coverage and it is blendable. I highly recommend it! 
  • Conceal, Correct, Contour Concealer Palette: I have an entire review on this concealer palette, so I won't go too in depth on my love for this product. I will link the review below. I will say that you guys in to go out and get this palette. I use the color deep. 
  • Eyeshadow Base: This is similar to MAC cosmetics paint pots. It is an eye shadow base that comes in a jar. I use the shade skin tone, although I believe there is at least one more shade. It covers the uneven skin tone on my lids as well as preps and primes my eyes for shadows. 
  • Concealer in a Jar in: These are creamy concealers in jar like containers. I love them because they are extremely blendable and come in a ton of shades. They are great concealers for beginners. 
  • Tame and Frame Brow Pomade: I recently picked this up and I LOVE this stuff! Its super pigmented, easy to blend, and long lasting. This pomade comes in a bunch colors which makes it perfect for all hair types and skin colors. 
  • Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Pigments: OMG! These pigments are super shiny, crazy pigmented, and it comes in a million colors. They are also super inexpensive. I love them! 
  • HD Blushes: They recently re-packaged these and I believe they made the product sofer and smoother as well. I love these blushes, they are super pigmented and easy to use, extremely blendable, and come in tons of colors. 
  • Soft Matte Lip Creams: I am in LOVE with the texture of these lip creams. They are pigmented and come in a ton of colors. They do not dry lip liquid lipsticks, but they have a demi matte finish. 
  • Wonder Pencil: These are multi-use pencils. They can be used as lip liners, concealer, or/ and eye brightener. I have mine in the color dark. This pencil comes in light, medium, and dark. I love it because easy to blend and really opens up my eyes. My eyes appear brighter without appearing too bright or doll like. I truly love these pencils!
  • Jumbo Eye Pencil: I use the color Milk as an eyeshadow base. These are creamy, super pigmented, mulit-use eye pencils. They can be used as eyeliner, eyeshadow bases, or even cream eyeshadows. I love these! They are super soft and smooth. They never transfer to my contacts, they don't tug on my lid when being applied, and they come in so many colors! 
  • Butter Glosses: I love the butter glosses! They smell like candy, they are perfect for everyday wear, they aren't too sticky, and they come in a bunch colors. I highly recommend them!
  • Micro Eyebrow Pencil in Espresso: This is an absolute dupe for Anastasia's Brow Wiz. Everything from the pencil itself to the packaging to the spoolie are super similar. The only difference is the price. This retails for about $10 while the Anastasia retails for $21 (USD). I highly, highly, highly recommend this to EVERYONE! 
  • Long Pencils for Eyes:  These are OG NYX products. As long as I have been into makeup these pencils have existed. I have been using these for years! They aren't the best eyeliners, but they are perfect as eyeshadow bases. 
  • Lip liner pencils: These are awesome lip liners! I love how many different shades that this collection encompasses. There is a nude liner your every skin tone, a red for every under tone, a pink to match every pink lipstick, and more. They are similar in packaging to MAC liners, I don't know if they are similar in texture, because I haven't ever used a MAC liner. Remember to wear these with something a bit moisturizing because they, like most lip liners, make the tendency to make the lips appear/feel dry. 
  • Prismatic Shadows: These shadows came out a few months back and I am so glad that picked them up. They have an amazing metallic shine, they are super pigmented, they are easy to blend, and they can be used wet or dry. My favorite shade is Golden Peach. Its a beautiful peach shade with a golden undertone. They are fabulous!
  • Matte Lipstick in Euro Trash: I only have one shade in the matte lipstick range. The color I have is Euro Trash. It is a nice mauve-y shade; for me it's a perfect everyday. If you are very fair this would be more a deeper nude shade. I love this lipstick because it doesn't have that perfume smell or taste, it lasts quite a while,  and it has amazing pigmentation. 
  • HD Concealer: This concealer is a cult classic for many people. Is creamy, blendable,  opaque, and it has an amazing color selection. When properly set thus concealer will last all day. 
  • Dark Circle Concealer: This is an pink, salmon, or orange tinted concealer. It is meant to correct under eye dark circles. I like ie be it isn't too orange or too thick which makes it perfect for light makeup days.
That's all Folks!

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