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Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

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I mentioned how much I loved coconut oil for the skin and a few of you were asking me if I could breakdown the benefits of coconut oil. So, today I will be doing so. I am going to briefly explain why it's good for the skin and I will also share some beauty related uses of coconut oil. This may or may not be a long post so, let's jump into it!

Let's begin by breaking down what coconut oil contains:

  • Saturated Fats:
    • According to the American Heart Association saturated fats are, "fat molecules that have no double bonds between carbon molecule because they are saturated with hydrogen molecules.
      • Due to this molecular structure saturated fats are typically solid at room temperature. 
    • The saturated fats in coconut oil help retain the moisture content of the skin, hair, and nails. 
      • The fats sink deep into the skin and causes:
        • The appearance of smaller pores
        • Plumper skin
        • Smoother skin
          • This makes it perfect for dry/mature skin
      • The fats help the hair by:
        • Sealing the cuticles
        • Smooths the hair
        • Makes the hair shaft shinier
          • This makes it perfect for dry/damaged hair
      • The fats aid the nails to:
        • Seal and moisturize the cuticles
          • This makes it perfect for dry/brittle nails
  • Capric, Caprylic, Laurice Acid:
    • These are fatty acids. 
      • Merriam Webster dictionary described fatty acids as several saturated or unsaturated organic acids that have a single carboxyl group; they occur naturally in the form of glycerides in fats and fatty oils. 
    • Fatty Acids have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. 
      • Which makes coconut oil perfect for acne prone skin. 
  • Vitamin E:
    • Vitamin E is an antioxidant.
      • Antioxidant: a substance that is added to food and other products to prevent harmful chemical reactions in which oxygen is combined with other substances (This definition is courtesy of Merriam Webster)  
      • Vitamin E repairs wear and tear on the skin,hair, and nails. 
      • Protects the skin, hair, and nails from further damage. 
      • Vitamin E gives coconut oil a low, natural SPF property. It is believed to be an SPF of 4.
  • Proteins: 
    • Proteins are basically the building blocks of the body. 
      • They rejuvenate the skin and hair.
      • They improve cellular health.
        • which helps with the elasticity of the skin. 
        • this also aids in the growth of the hair and nails.
      • They help repair damaged tissues
        • damaged tissues = scars, wrinkles, sun spots, etc. 
Now that we know what coconut oil consists of, let's move onto SOME beauty related uses for coconut oil: *Mind you all of these are ways to use coconut oil without mixing it into anything. Of course there are way more things that can be made out of coconut oil.*

Let's begin with the face: 
  • Lip Balm
  • Makeup Remover
Moving onto uses for the body:
  • Moisturizer
  • Massage Oil
Next up the teeth:
  • Mouthwash
  • Teeth Whitener
Onto Nails:
  • Cuticle Oil
Now for feet:
  • Moisturizer
Last, but not
  • Deep Conditioner
  • Leave-in-conditioner
  • Heat Protection
FAQ about Coconut Oil:
  • Can I use this as a face moisturizer?
    • No. The molecular structure of coconut oil is too heavy for the face. It will create blackheads and acne. If you would like to try using oils to moisturize your skin use argan oil or rosehip oil instead. 
That's all Folks!

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