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Beauty and Lifestyle Q&A #4 (career goals, room tour, Michael Jackson, and more!)

Hey Dolls!

This is going to be a long Q&A so let me not ramble...Let's get start!

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  • How is you favorite singer? 
    • My favorite singer of all time would have to be Michael Jackson. All of his songs are simply amazing. I totally wish he was still alive to make more music. 
  • If you could bring one person back from the dead who would it be?
    • This types directly into the question above. I would bring back Michael Jackson. I am a huge fan of his music and I would love for him to be able to create more. 
  • Who is your makeup inspiration? 
    • I have a few makeup inspirations, but I would say my top 3 would be Queenii Rozenblad, Jaclyn Hill, and Desi Perkins. They always look flawless! 
  • How would your describe your makeup style?
    • I would say I like weightless, full coverage, flawless skin with long, think, flirty lashes. I also like to play up the warmth of my skin and eye color, so maybe a bit of a bronzed, golden glow would be nice. 
  • How do you stay positive? 
    • Being positive is a struggle for most people...including me. Sometimes life hands you too many lemons and you just don't know what to do. I am working hard to figure this out for myself, but  I suggest surrounding yourself with positive people and activities. Try doing things that you love to keep you away from negative thoughts and people. Learn to brush off rude or hurtful things. I hope that all helps. 
  • Who is your favorite YouTuber?
    • I don't have one favorite YouTuber. I like a lot of different people for different reasons. My top 10 beauty gurus would probably be Kathleen Lights, Jaclyn Hill, Manny Mua, Patrick Starr, Desi Perkins, Young, Wild, and Polished, Queenii Rozenblad, What Would Lizzy Do, Ms. Rosh Posh, and LustreLux.
    • My favorite other youtubers would be Travie Based, All Def Digital (Channel), itsJudyslife, and Kayla LaShae. 
  • Sephora or Ulta?
    • I would probably say Ulta. I love NYX! and Spehora obviously doesn't have NYX, so I would say Ulta.
  • Can you do a perfume collection post?
    • I probably won't do that, because I really don't like perfume. I do own like 3 perfumes, but that's all. I loathe going near the perfume section of any store. It all smells kind of gross to me. So, yeah perfume collection will be a no. Sorry!
  • Can you do an essentials series? I am new to makeup and sometimes it can become overwhelming can you narrow down what are essentials how to use them?
    • Of course I can do a essentials series. I completely understand your feels. Sometimes this beauty community can be a little overwhelming. 
  • What are your top five favorite movies?
    • Walk to Remember, Something Borrowed, Love and Other Drugs, and I think that is it. I like a bunch of other movies, but I could watch these three like every single day, all day. 
  • If you could make a perfume what would it smell like?
    • I would say either fresh and subtle or warm and sexy. 
  • What are some hobbies you have other than makeup and beauty?
    • I like to color in coloring books. I know that makes me sound like a five year old, but it's true. 
    • Sing or Write songs. I am terrible at song writing, but I love to do it. 
    • Take a walk. My favorite form of exercise is just a walk. I like to soak up the environment around me. 
    • Listen to music. Music is my happy place. Nothing else can make me feel as amazing as music can. It's almost like a friend or a confidant.  
    • Read. I love to read. I like how you can envision the conversations and people in the story. 
  • Can you do a what's on my phone post?
    • I can definitely do that. You may be a bit bored, because I don't do a lot with my phone, except stay on social media, but I will do it anyway. 
  • Do you have a Snapchat? 
    • No, I do not have a Snapchat and I don't want one. 
  • What is the best part of being a beauty blogger?
    • Being able to interact with people. You encounter makeup pros, makeup novice, and makeup lovers in general and you can pick their brain about beauty and life as much as they pick yours. It's like a strong bond over the simplest of things. I think it is somewhat powerful. 
  • How is your inspiration in life?
    • I would say my inspiration in life is my mommy. She is a very strong lady. She fights hard for everyone. Her love for her family is not even close to measurable. I hope I could be half as loving, intelligent, witty, strong, and powerful as she is.
  • Messy Bun or Sleek, straight hair?
    • Messy Bun! I hate doing my hair, I would wear a messy bun everyday if I could. 
  • What is the difference between distilled water and tap water?
    • Tap water has chemicals in it like fluoride. It also contains microorganisms that water planets couldn't get rid of. Distilled water has no minerals, no microorganisms, and no chemicals; it's just water. 
  • What is your favorite nude lip combination for darker skin?
    • At the moment, my favorite nude lip combo is Jordana Cosmetics Modern Matte Lip stick in Matte Blush, Jordana Cosmetics Easyliner for lips in Coco loco, and Gerard Cosmetics Color your smile lipgloss in Cocoa Bean. 
  • If you could only use one app for the rest of your life what would it be?
    • I would probably say Instagram. My obsession with the gram is so real! If you are not following me over there, then you are missing out BIG TIME! I will leave a link to my Instagram below. 
  • Who is your #MCM?
    • I don't have a one. There are a couple of celebrity guys I find attractive if that is what you are asking. I post #MCMs on my Instagram. So, jet over there to find out who I am finding attractive this week!
  • Where do you see your career going in a few years?
    • I hope to be established with a nice client's list for both facials and makeup. 
  • Do you like MAC or Urban Decay better?
    • I prefer Urban Decay. MAC tends to break me out, but I do have a few things I like from them. Urban Decay has never steered me wrong so, I would choose Urban Decay. 
  • What do you use to set your undereyes?
    • I generally use a powder with a yellow tone to it to brighten my under eye area. I like loose powders best for this area. I take a damp beauty blender and tap it under my eye. I allow any excess powder to soak up any oils or "wetness" under my eye as well as set it in place. I then sweep the excess away using a fluffy brush. 
  • When did you realize beauty was your passion? 
    • I love art. I have always been a super artistic person and when I tried makeup for the first time,when I was either in seventh or eighth grade... I really can't remember, I realized this was a way to show the world how I was feeling and how I perceived myself on a daily basis... kind of like art. 
  • I know you said you would do a room tour but, when?
    • I am getting to it. I know a few of you are waiting and I am so sorry for the wait. It needed to tweak some things as well as put some other things in my room before hand. Just bare with me. They wait is almost over! I promise. 
  • Do you prefer drugstore beauty or high end beauty? 
    • I would not say I prefer one over the other, I just like to try a lit of everything. 
  • I noticed you have been testing out a lot of new products, will you be doing an updated everyday full face tutorial?
    • I'm glad you noticed. I have been on a bit of a makeup rampage lately. I will be updating everything that has changed in the last month or two super soon. Just stay tuned!
  • I like how you use full coverage foundation but, never look cakey. How do you do it?
    • I would say it is all about the skincare. If you don't have a smooth surface to work on it is hard to have nice makeup. Also make sure you are using quality brushes. You don't have to spend a million dollars, but get brushes that smooth the foundation over the skin. Try a smoothing primer. Primer helps to create a flat, smooth surface. Lastly, I would say don't use too much foundation. You can always add more coverage where ever you need it. 
  • Do you prefer shimmery shadows over matte shadows?
    • I don't prefer one over the other. I like them both equally. I just don't like putting shimmery shadows in the crease section as a transition color. 
  • What is your top 5 eyeshadow favorites?
    • I don't necessarily have a favorite color, but I do have favorite brands. I like Urban Decay, Morphe, Lorac, Makeup Geek, and Kat Von D. 
  • I loved your recipe for chai tea lattes! Can you share more food/drink recipes?
    • I will be getting into more lifestyle and fashion posts really soon. Recipes will of course be included in the lifestyle section. I am so sorry I totally fell off with those. I promise to get back to them.
  • I love how practical you are. You use both high end and drugstore makeup and you find amazing dupes. I was curious have you found a dupe for the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation?
    • Well thank you. I try to make sure everyone can enjoy makeup regardless of their budget. However, I do not have a dupe for that foundation. It is super dewy from what I am told, so I try to steer clear of it. I did hear that the Maybelline Fit Me Original is a similar formula. Maybe try that.
  • Just curious, but you use a fluffy pink background when you take product pictures sometimes. What is that?
    • It's funny you mention that, it's just a fluffy hot pink throw pillow. I purchased it FOREVER ago at either Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Dollar General. I have two of them. 
  • I love watching YouTube Videos, but I am getting a little bored of the "cult classic" YouTubers. Any new YouTubers you recommend?
    • Um, I have a friend on Instagram that makes YouTube videos and he is great. It totally deserves more subbies than he has. Of course he does beauty related stuff. I will link is Instagram here: Joshua raymond (@frenchboyjr20) and his YouTube name is Joshua Raymond. 

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