Friday, September 12, 2014


Hey Dolls!

I am not a makeup artist nor am I trained to be one. So, YouTube is where I get most of my beauty knowledge.  I have been an avid beauty video watcher for at least 4 years. In this time I have developed a love for certain beauty youtubers. (I do have a post about my favorite beauty gurus up on my blog.) How ever, there is one beauty youtuber that is new to YouTube and has become my current obsession. His name is MannyMua.

He began is makeup journey as a makeup artist about a year and a half ago. Within the last couple of months he started instagramming his looks. After growing popularity on Instagram he began his YouTube channel.

I have been following his journey pretty much the entire time he has been on Instagram. His talent and energy is what draws me to him. Manny's personality is easy going, sassy, and fun. He can make a joke out of almost anything. I am currently addicted to his "chola" voice. 

Beyond his amazing personality is his obvious talent. He is a self taught MUA but, no one would be able to tell if he didn't tell anyone. Manny has natural talent and drive when it comes to makeup. He never limits himself to basic looks or over the top drag queen looks. He really knows how to explore the extremes of makeup.

Manny in my opinion has a great work ethic. A lot of youtubers stray from there channels or complain alot about the process. He seems to embrace it even when the going gets rough.

With all that said I highly recommend his channel to you Dolls. He is informative and fun to watch. Manny uploads every Friday. If you aren't much of a YouTube watcher he does have a Instagram that he updates regularly.

This post may sound like I am sponsored by him or vice versa but, that is not the case. I believe that competing in the beauty industry doesn't work as well as lifting each other up. I would rather support great talent than pretend like it doesn't exist. Manny has the ability to go far. I hope through watching him grow I have the ability to do the same.

If any of you are interested in MannyMua I will link his YouTube channel below. His Instagram name is MannyMua733 for those of you who would like to follow him.

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Manny's Channel:

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