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Full Coverage, Special Occasion Foundation Routine

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Today's post is going to be my "bullet proof" foundation routine. I use this makeup for photo shoots, proms, weddings, long, hot summer nights, etc. I figured it was a perfect time to ask because you've been requesting a sweat proof/smudge proof/water proof for makeup for special occasions. And it dawned on me my "bullet proof" foundation routine would be perfect for it! So, today I am going to give a in depth step by step tutorial for this routine as well as product list which will explain why I use each product that I use. As usual I will have a link to each product I mention below. Without further rambling... LET'S GET STARTED!!

Let's begin with a products list:

  • Mehron Skin Prep: This product completely stops sweat and oil before it occurs. 
  • Ben Nye Final Seal Finishing Spray: This adds a matte, smudge proof, water resistant finish to my makeup. 
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Liquid Foundation: This lasts all day and gives a nice demi-matte finish to the skin.
  • L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Foundation: This lasts all day and gives an amazing matte, but not flat finish to the sink. 
  • Clinique All About Eyes Concealer: This highlights and brightens the under eyes without dehydrating.
  • L'Oreal True Match Powder: This adds a silky finish to the skin. Not powdery at all!
  • ELF High Definition Undereye Setting Powder: This sets the undereyes without leaving a white cast or a chalky look.
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Primer: Alone this primer keeps me matte for 7 to 8 hours. 
  • Gerard Cosmetics BB Plus Illumination Facial Creme: This adds a glow to the outer portions of my face. 
  • L'Oreal Magic Lumi Primer: This give a glow to the outer regions of my face. 
  • NYX Dewy Finish Spray: Adds a glow to the tops of my cheeks.
All of these products keep my skin smudge proof, natural looking, and water resistant. It's perfect for pictures, prom, weddings, long work shifts, or long nights out on the town. This allow us oily girl to not have to worry about our face during special occasions. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who is oily. You cannot go wrong with these! As I said before I will link everything below.

Let's move into the tutorial:

Begin with prepping your skin:
  • Do you complete skin care routine. Wait 10 minutes after applying your skin care to begin applying anything makeup related. 
  • Prep the skin with Mehron's skin prep. This will keeps oils and sweat at bay. This will also protect the pores from acne causing makeup. Give this time to soak into the skin. I would say wait a good 30 seconds. The longer you wait the better. I usually do my brows during this time. 
  • Once I have completed my eyebrows and my skin prep is soaked into my skin I will move onto applying my primers. I still use primer because it reinforces the skin prep. If you are less oily than me, then skin this step. I use a Rimmel Stay Matte Primer in my T-zone. Then I mix Gerard Cosmetics BB Plus Illumination with L'Oreal Magic Lumi Primer together and apply the mixture to the drier areas of my face aka the outer portions. I am oily but, I still love a good glow so I use these glowy primers. Again I allow this time to settle into my skin. I give each product time to settle because I don't want to pile product on top of each other. Sometimes that can appear cakey or the products simply don't work.
  • Next I mix the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Liquid Foundation and the L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation together. I do this because one is a tad too dark while the other is too light. They are similar in consistency and they both last a SUPER long time. If you are super oily or really like a super matte foundation these will be perfect for you. I generally use one full layer and then I build the foundation up in areas that need more coverage. My areas of extra coverage are the bottom of my nose, the "contoured" areas of my have, my chin, and my forehead. I use a domed foundation like the ELF Ultimate blending brush to apply this mixture. I use a buffing motion to create a flawless base. I always blend the product to my neck and ears. Once my foundation is one I give it about five minutes to settle. While my foundation settles I move onto my eye makeup. 
  • Once my eye makeup is done, I then move onto my concealer. I apply my Clinique All About Eyes Concealer under my eyes, on my forehead, on my chin, under the hallows of my cheeks, and on the bridge of my nose. I blend these out with my finger. I then apply my ELF undereye setting power to my undereyes. 
  • I apply any bronzer of my choice all over the perimeter of my face. I like to use a super warm almost orange-y/reddish toned bronzer. It warms up my neutral complexion. 
  • To contour I use a cool toned shade. 
  • I will apply L'Oreal True Match Powder to the nose region. This will further stop oils from appearing on my face. 
  • Once I done powdering my nose I will then apply a shimmery highlight to the high points of my face. I will use a dewy finishing spray to illuminate my cheek region. 
  • I usually apply a warm toned blush at this time. This will bring life and color back to my face. 
  • To set the rest of my makeup in place I use the Ben Nye Final Seal. This mattifies and locks in my makeup. It's amazing!
That's all Folks!

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