Monday, March 30, 2015

ELF Ultimate Blending Brush Review

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ELF Ultimate Blending Brush
It's been almost three weeks since I put up a post entitled Beauty Haul #3 featuring Mini Reviews. In that post I hauled two new ELF brushes. I told you all in the review that I have not used these brushes at the time; I said I would give them a try and would review them at a later date. Well, that later date has come! Today I will be reviewing ELF's Ultimate Blending Brush. Wednesday I will review the ELF Contouring Brush. I will be reviewing both brushes with the same bullet point style that I do with of my other reviews. If you are at all interested in my other reviews click the link below. It will take you directly to all other reviews I have. With all that said let's jump into it!

Let's begin with product claims, price, availability, etc.

ELF says, "The Ultimate Blending Brush is specifically designed for advanced makeup techniques that help
achieve professional looks. The large dome-shaped head and densely packed bristles maneuver in and around the crevices and contours of your face for seamless, even coverage. It picks up the perfect amount of product to build coverage with powder, liquid, or mousse foundation, bronzer, or blush. The ultra-fine synthetic fibers are hand cut, shaped, and assembled by artisans for expert craftsmanship for a luxury experience."

This brush retails for $6.00 U.S. dollars and can be purchased only on ELF's website. I will place a direct link to this brush below. At the time of this review, this brush is available.

Onto the Pros:

  • Dense
  • Easy to use
  • Soft Bristles 
  • Blends like a dream
  • Inexpensive
Next up... the Cons:

  • Nothing!
Final Thoughts:
I really like this brush! It is dense enough to blend out foundation, blush, contour, or whatever else. It blurs harsh lines. However, it's not so dense that is is hard or uncomfortable to use. It reminds me of my favorite Real Techniques brush. (The expert face brush.) I honestly haven't touched my other foundation brushes since I began using this brush. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Anything else?
Yes. I recommend if you are trying to obtain a full coverage look, use stippling or tapping motions to press the foundation into the skin and buff or blend once most of the product has been stippled into the skin. This will create a flawless, full coverage look.

That's all Folks!

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DISCLAIMER:  All opinions given were my own. I purchased this product myself. I was not contacted by the ELF company nor am I affiliated with them.