Friday, March 13, 2015

Beauty Haul #3 featuring Mini Reviews

Hey Dolls!

Welcome back to the Makeup Junkie! As you all know I am a ride or die makeup addict. Especially when it comes to the drugstore. (I will go "ham and cheese" in the drugstore's beauty section.) So, it usual makeup addict spirit, I raided the drugstore and bought a few goodies. I also purchased some things from With all that said let's jump straight into it!

  • L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara in Blackest Black- I purchased this from my local Walgreens for about $10. (Which in my opinion is expensive for a drugstore mascara.) The product is extremely black and it has a plastic spiky wand. This mascara does a wonderful job of separating my lashes and making them appear as if there are million of them, but it does not add volume to my lashes. With that being said I DO NOT like this product and I will NOT be repurchasing it. 

  • L'Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara in Black Brown- I have been listening to people sing the praises of this product for years and I felt that it was time for me to see what they were all raving about. The product claims to lengthen and separate lashes. I can say it is great at separating the lashes, but it does not lengthen eyelashes as much as I was hoping. Honestly, my Jordana mascara works much better. 

  • L'Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense Felt Tip Eyeliner- I have been in the market for an amazing felt tip eyeliner for quite a while now and when I ran across this I figured it would be worth a try. Boy, was I wrong! The liner's tip is too thick at the end to get a precise line, the formula is patchy and, it's not "carbon" black once so ever. The only good thing about this is, it doesn't remove easily after it has dried. 

  • Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection To Reflect Shimmer Palette in Hollywood Boulevard- If you have been following my blog for a while, then you know how obsessed I am with the other three shimmer palettes in this line. They are so opaque and they give a gorgeous sheen-y glow. They are never glittery or chunky. I swear by these! Naturally, when I saw this new one I had to pick it up. This shade is a light, yellow toned gold. This would be gorgeous on all skin tones. (If you are very fair or very dark use this with a very light hand and blend it into the skin well. If it is not well blended in it may seem ashy or muddy.) Like all of the other it comes in huge packaging, which I am not a fan of. Never the less this is hands down the best drugstore powder highlight. I recommend this collection to everyone!

  • Wet n Wild Color Icon Kohl Eyeliner in Taupe of the Morning- I purchased this because I am looking for a "nude" waterliner eye pencil that would work for my medium deep skin tone. A lot of the "nude" liners are way too light for me skin tone, so when I saw this color I couldn't help but pick it up. Sadly, it was a waste of .99 cents. This product has a hard time going onto my water line as well as staying there once it is on. This eyeliner is creamy and soft to the touch, but the lasting power is awful. 

  • Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow Shaper, Wet n Wild Mega Clear Mascara, and Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow Pencil in Brunettes do it better- I recently posted an updated brow tutorial featuring these products. I figured for these few products I can add them into one bullet point because I have been using them in tangent. 
    • Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow Shaper- This is suppose to be a wax that holds the eyebrow hairs in place. Sadly, it doesn't do that. This product has a greasy texture which I believe is the reason it cannot hold the brows in place. 
    • Wet N Wild Mega clear mascara- I have been using this to help set my brows after I am finished filling them in. I am on the fence about this product. This works great went it comes to shaping the brows and blending the eyebrow gel in, but it doesn't make them stay in place all day. Fortunately, for me my eyebrow hairs are not too unruly nor, so the lasting power doesn't bug me much. However, if you are have extremely curly brow hairs I would not suggest this. 
    • Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow Pencil- I love this pencil. One side is the pencil and the other is a spoolie. The pencil is opaque and easy to use, but I don't like how small the pencil is, nor do I like that it has to be sharpened. 
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Primer- I have been wanting to try this for a while and I finally had the opportunity. This primer keeps me matte for the eight hours it says it will keep me matte. After that I have to blot per the usual. Which is fine with me. If you are in the market for an inexpensive mattifying primer then I suggest this one. 

Onto the ELF products:
  • Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in Turk & Caicos- This has been one of my favorite bronzers for a while now. I am not sure If I mentioned it before or not, but I just decided to repurchase it because I hit pan. 

  • Contouring Brush- This is a new brush from ELF. This is suppose to be used to create a structured contour line. I haven't tried this yet, but I will very soon. Once I have tried this for a while I will review it.

  • Ultimate Blending Brush- This is another new brush from ELF. This is suppose be used to blend
    foundation, blush, bronzer, etc. Again, I haven't tried this yet, but I will very soon. I will eventually review it. 
That's all Folks!

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-The Makeup Junkie

DISCLAIMER: All opinions given were my own. I was not paid to make this post. i am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned. I purchased all products mentioned myself.