Monday, March 9, 2015

Dramatic Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hey Dolls!

Welcome back to the Makeup Junkie! I have gotten a few requests for a dramatic makeup tutorial; so, I came up with an all purple smokey eye. To accommodate all of the Dolls budgets, I will be using mostly drugstore products in this tutorial. Remember this tutorial is just a guideline, you can switch up the products, skip steps, add steps, or change the colors; it is completely up to you. Also, if you are looking for any of the products please click on their names in the list below. The link to the makeup used in this tutorial will be there. With all of that said I will jump into it!

Products used:

  1. Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow
    • 15 Bella Purple 
    • 14 Bella Violet
    • 13 Bella Pink
  2. Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked3 Palette
  3. Jordana Cosmetics - 12 HR Made To Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil
    • 04 Purple Fix
  4. Smashbox Always Sharp Eye Liner Waterproof Kohl Liner
    • 3D Orchid 
  5. Nyx Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base
    • Skin Tone
Onto the tutorial:
  • Begin by priming your eyes. Priming the eyes prepares them for shadow, reduces the look of veins, darkness, and discoloration. Priming also helps the shadow appear more vivid. I used the NYX Eyeshadow base in skin tone. You can use your favorite eye primer.
  • Take a piece of tape and stick it on the outer edge of the eye. This will ensure you get a crisp cat eye like line. 
  • Take a fluffy crease brush and apply the color Nooner from the Naked 3 palette into the crease. This color will act as a transition color. Transition colors help the other, more dramatic colors blend easier. 
  • Apply the color Bella Pink onto your lid with a flat eye shadow brush. Make sure you are packing this color onto the lid. Packing is a term used for pressing color into skin for a more intense look. You may wet the shadow after it is applied to your brush for even more intensity. 
  • Using a dome shaped fluffy brush lightly apply the color Bella Violet onto the outer two thirds of the lid. This will begin a slight gradient effect. 
  • Take the color Bella Purple onto a stiff dome shaped brush and pack it on the outer V area. Make a dramatic wing and connect it to the Bella Violet shade. This will continue the gradient effect. 
  • Take a clean blending brush and blend any harsh areas. 
  • Take a small flat eyeshadow brush and apply the color Limit from the Naked 3 palette onto the brow bone. 
  • Then apply the color Strange from the naked 3 palette into the inner corner. 
  • Before removing the tape from the outer corner take the Jordana 12 H Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in 04 Purple Fix onto the upper and bottom lash line. Take the colors Bella Purple and Bella Violet onto a small stiff domed brush and blend out the eyeliner. This step in completely optional, I simply feel as though it adds a little more drama to the look. 
  • Add Smashbox Eyeliner in 3D Orchid into the tightline and waterline. 
  • Remove the tape and blend the lines of the eyeshadow where the tape was. This will make the look appear softer. 
  • Apply Mascara and False lashes if you would like.
That's all folks!

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-The Makeup Junkie

DISCLAIMER: All opinions given were my own. I was not paid to make this post. i am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned. I purchased all products mentioned myself.