Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Beauty Q&A

Hey Dolls!

I reached out to you Dolls on Google Plus and Twitter and I asked for you to email me any beauty related questions you had.

Today, as I am sure you guessed, I will be answering a few if the questions that I was asked. Before I stsrt I would like to say if your questions didn't get answered ij this post or you still have more questions please email me. My email is It is diffcult to answer every question in a blog post without making the blog post extremely long. So, for sake of time I generally like to answer the most asked questions. With that said let's jump into it!

  1. Can what mascara do you use and can you please do a updated mascara routine? In your last couple of Google Plus posts your lashes have been amazing!
    • Thanks! I switch between two mascaras. I would tell you what they are, but I have reviews on them coming soon! I totally can do a updated mascara routine. 
  2. Is there a foundation you would suggest for dry skin? 
    • No, sorry I don't have dry skin personally so I don't really know about any that are amazing. However I heard the L'Oreal True Match Lumi and the Armani Luminous Silk foundation were great. Maybe you should try those if you are in the market for a new foundation for dry skin. 
  3. You use your naked 3 palette a lot. I was wondering if you could do more tutorials without using that palette?
    • I know I use it a lot. I use it a lot because the colors aren't warm and they aren't cool. They have a neutral undertone so, they are more versatile for everyone's undertone. I do understand that you would like to see other palette. I have several tutorials coming up without it. So, stay tuned. 
  4. Can you do an eyebrow tutorial with pictures. I would love to see a step by step pictorial. I am new to makeup and would like to see how you do your eyebrows. 
    • I definitely can do that! 
  5. You never use the fashion section of your blog! I was hoping you could do OOTWs. I would love to see your clothing style!
    • It's funny that someone asked this. I was thinking of doing some fashion based posts. I wasn't so sure, but since it seems like you Dolls would like to see, then I will do it! So, stay tuned!
  6. I love your glasses! Could you please tell me what brand and what type of glasses do you have?
    • I get this question a lot! Unfortunately, I don't know the type. I have had it for so long that the numbers have worn off. However, I do know that the brand is is BCBGMAXAZRIA.
  7. Do you have an Instagram?
    • Yes I do have an Instagram, my username is picklesandoreos23. (Don't judge my username lol.) If you would like you can follow me on there!
  8. I saw a selfie of you of you wearing this amazing peach lip color! Can you please tell me what lipstick that was?
    • I think you are talking about  the Gerard Cosmetics lip glosses in Salmon and Butter Cream. Salmon is a beauty coral, orange. Butter Cream is a baby pink color. I mixed them together to achieve a peachy tone. 
  9. I know you don't do videos, but I was wondering if you could do a Get Ready With Me video. I would love to see your makeup process!
    • I would have to think about that, because I previously tried to film YouTube videos; but I was unsuccessful. So, with that said I don't see myself doing videos anytime soon, but I wouldn't say I never would try to do videos again. 
  10. If you could only have five makeup products what would they be?
    • That is a really hard question... I would say Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, Clinque Blended Face Powder, L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer, my favorite mascara, and my naked 3 palette. I love these items. I can't stop using them!
  11. What is your foundation color in the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation?
    • 6W1 Sandalwood is my color
That's all Folks!

I hope you all liked this post. If you have any questions or comments please comment below. If you would like to contact me please refer to the "follow me" tab above. Remember to share and 1+ the blog and this post. Thank you for stopping by! I hope you all have a terrific week!
-The Makeup Junkie