Friday, November 7, 2014

Clarisonic Brush Head Dupe Review

Hey Dolls!

Skin care is extremely important to me. As you all know I am constantly looking for new skin care products to improve my skin's overall appearance. One product that I enjoy using on my skin is the Clarisonic Mia. I received the Clarisonic as a gift about two or three years ago and it has been awesome. I love how well it cleans the skin, as well as, how gently it exfoliates the skin. I have noticed such an improvement in the texture of my skin since using the Clarisonic. I have also noticed that my hyperpigmentation has lightened quite a bit. It can be used once a day, everyday. (If you are sensitive you may want to use it once every other day.) It definitely is my holy grail way to clean my skin.

 The only problem I have is the brush head replacements. The brush heads must be replaced every three months. The brush head replacements cost $25.00 each. As a person on a budget, I don't always have $25.00 plus dollars to spend on ONE brush head. So, I did a little research. I found that amazon sells Clarisonic brush head replacement dupes. I purchased five of the brush head dupes from amazon about a month or two ago. After using the brush heads for the last four weeks I can tell you that I never will purchase another brush head for the Clarisonic at full price ever again! These brush head dupes are the same as the name branded brush heads. I experience no roughness or acne when using these dupes. I actually find them to be more gentle than the name brand heads.

These are the name brand Clarisonic brush heads
Like the name brand heads the dupes do come in all different types. You can purchase dupes in normal, sensitive, deep pore, acne, and body. The normal, sensitive, deep pore, and acne work for all Clarisonics except the foot and body Clarisonic. The body brush head only works on the Clarisonic for the body. They also purchase dupes for the cashmere brush heads as well.

The brush head dupes can be purchased on from several different vendors. Simply put Clarisonic brush head dupes into the search box and find the deal that works best for you. I promise you will be extremely happy with the brush  head dupes.

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