Monday, November 17, 2014

Tame Wild Hairs

Hey Dolls!
Baby hairs, edges, and fly-a-ways can be a pain to tame. Today's post will be my quick and easy routine for taming stray hairs. If you have problems taming your baby hairs, edges, or fly-a-ways then you are going to love this tip. So let's get into it!

You will need:
• a toothbrush
• hairspray and/or gel
• edge control pomade
• headscarf 

• Apply edge control to the hair and brush it through with a hairbrush. 
• Spray a little hairspray or gel onto the toothbrush and run it over areas on concern. Repeat this step if needed. Use the toothbrush to tame stray hairs as well as shape baby hairs and edges. 
• Once the hair is tamed tie a headscarf around the hair. This will ensure you hair stays sleek all day.
That's all folks! 
 That was my quick and easy routine for taming my hair. 

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-The Makeup Junkie 

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