Wednesday, November 19, 2014

5 more facts about me

Hey Dolls!
This will be the fourth installment in my facts about me series. ( I will link the other three posts in this series below.) I do these posts because, it makes me feel as if I can connect with all of the Dolls who read the blog. Over the last ten months the blog has grown A LOT. (I am very grateful for the success and support of The Makeup Junkie.) Sometimes when an audience grows it is hard to stay connected to the audience. Therefore, I use posts like this to stay connected with all of you. So, with all of that said, let's jump into it!
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1. I am obsessed with How to Get Away with Murder.
2. I love kosher pickles. I could eat a whole jar in a sitting if I wanted to.
3. I am a light sleeper. If I hear a noise I will wake up.
4. I use to be a huge basketball fan.
5. The first foundation I ever bought was Urban Decay. It was their mineral powder foundation.
That's all folks!
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