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Makeup Storage Tour

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Today's post is going to me my highly anticipated makeup storage tour. I have been getting tons of emails and requests regarding how I store my makeup and I finally am ready to show you dolls my storage. It has taken a while because I was having serious camera issues, that have yet to be resolved, so I took pictures. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you all understand! If everything goes well with one of the videos, then I will add it to this post. If not pictures will have to do for now. Again, I am sorry for the super long wait. I promise I won't make the wait that long ever again. Now, with all that said, let's get started!!

P.S. I don't have tons of money, I don't have a whole makeup room, and I am only one person. My collection is not HUGE it is medium sized, but the size works for me. I can't purchase $200.00 vanity mirrors and $400.00 worth of storage units from Pier 1 or Ikea, but I can make my space homey and inviting for me in the terms of my budget. And I do. So, what you will see works for me and my current needs. You don't have to agree or like my set up. I am just sharing this highly requested topic because a lot of the Dolls were curious. I just wanted to say that before you guys read this blog. I just wanted you to keep that in mind. Now I will stop rambling and allow you to enjoy today's post. See you soon!

P.P.S. The link to my storage video is in the non-affiliate links sections at the bottom of the post.

Let's begin with the containers themselves:

As you can see I have four units that I use to store my makeup. On the left hand side I have to small 3 drawer containers. The black one is Serilite brand as well as the white one. Serilite is available at Target, Walmart, Big Lots, Amazon, etc.

The other two units are identical and sit on the right hand side. These are much larger than the other units I own. Each container has four drawers; two small drawers and two large drawers. These are from Office Depot.

I generally store the largest two closer to my desk, because it has most of my products in it. The other generally sits on my dresser. This set up is demonstrated in the picture to the left.

One of the Office Depot 4 drawer organizers

Moving onto the containers I use to separate my makeup; the blue and green containers shown in the video are from the Dollar Tree. They come in packs of 2 or 3 for $1.00 USD. They come in tons of colors and can be mixed and matched. They work perfectly for my collection at the moment.

Drawer 1
Let's being with the first Office Depot Container:

  • Drawer One
    • This has four blue rectangular Dollar Tree Containers in it. This drawer stores all of my concealers, foundations, powders, BB creams, and primers (except for my Nivea Post Shave Balm.)
    •  The back left is my concealers, the back right is my primers, the front left is my foundations and BB creams, and the front right is my under eye and face powders. 

Drawer 2
  • Drawer Two
    • This drawer also has four of the blue rectangular containers from the Dollar Tree. I store my eyebrow products, mascaras, eyeliners, and random eye tools in this drawer.
    • The back left is my eyebrow pomades, pencils, gels, etc. The back right is lash glue, eyelash curlers, tweezers, eyebrow shapers, sharpeners,etc. The top left is my eyeliners, the top right is my mascaras. 

Drawer 3

  • Drawer Three
    • This holds all of my eyeshadows. 

  • Drawer 4 
    • This holds random palettes, highlighters, bronzers, contour powders, and blushes.

  • Drawer 5
  • Drawer 5
    • Lippies!
    • The two green containers hold lip glosses and the blue container holds liners and lipsticks.
    • In front are my lip balms.

Drawer 6

  • Drawer 6
    • This drawer is a HOT mess for sure, but this drawer holds all of my nail polishes, files, nail treatments, nail decals, etc. 

Drawer 7

  • Drawer 7
    • This drawer hold hair supplies and products. 

Drawer 8

  • Drawer 8
    • This last drawer holds all my body care products that are NOT currently in my shower. 

Onto the two smaller organizers. Both of these are from the brand Serilite as I mentioned before. These are
available almost anywhere. As I said before I store these on my dresser. These aren't very interesting, so I won't do into too much detail about them, but the first two drawers of the black unit store client makeup tools, my Nivea Post Shave Balm primer thing, and some makeup sponges. The last drawer of that unit holds skincare. The white unit hold all my skincare that doesn't fit in the last drawer of the black unit. These drawers aren't organized at all and everything in them is a hot mess lol. 

That's all folks!!!!!

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