Friday, October 31, 2014

Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Hey Dolls!

Glasses are amazing. There are so many different designs and colors to fit every style. However, It can be extremely difficult to apply and wear makeup when you are a full time wearer of glasses. At times your eyes may look small due to the type of lens. Or the lenses may make the eyes look too big. Or glasses hinder the  ablitly to show off eyeshadow. My point is...  It can be such a hassle. Trust me I know, I am a full time wearer of glasses. #thestruggle. Although the struggle is all too real, I have discovered a few tips and tricks to make the struggle feel a little less real. So, without further a do, let's jump into it!

Let's begin with tips for glasses that close of the eye: All of these tips will aid in making the eye
appear larger and brighter.
  1. Apply a white, cream, or tan eyeliner to the waterline.
  2. Apply a shimmery champagne colored eyeshadow into the inner tear duct.
  3. Curl your eye lashes upwards.
This next set of tips is for glasses that make the eyes look too big: All of these tips will aid in making the eyes appear smaller.
  1. Apply a black eyeliner in the tear duct.
  2. Curl your lashes downward. Use the eyelash curl upside down to achieve a downward lashes.
  3. Use darker colors on your eyes.
These tips are for glasses that make it hard to show off eyeshadow:
  1. DO NOT wear winged eyeliner.
  2. Use a eyeshadow base to intensify the eyeshadow.
  3. Wear your glasses farther down your nose or as high up as possible.
This tip is for glasses that create dark shadows under the eye:
  1. Use a concealer several shades lighter than your skin tone. 2-3 shade lighter will go fine. Take you finger and pat in it. Then apply a equally as light powder over it to set it.
 This tip is for glasses that rub of makeup along the bridge of the nose:
  1. Use a powder puff and apply a heavy layer of powder over the nose. DO NOT apply makeup setting spray to the nose.
These last few tips is for glasses that distort the eyebrows: Remember glasses only frame your eyes, eyebrows frame the entire face. If eyebrows look distorted so does the entire face.
Me wearing my favorite glasses
  1. If your glasses hides your eyebrows simple arch then higher.
  2. If you glasses make your eyebrows appear to larger. Thin them out slightly.
  3. If the glasses make your arch look too high reduce the size of your arch.
That's all folks!

I hope you all found this post to be helpful. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comments section below. If you would like to contact me please refer to the "follow me" section above. Remember to share this post and blog. Thank you for stopping by the makeup junkie. I hope you have a great week!
-The Makeup Junkie

DISCLAIMER: All opinions/tips given were my own. I was not paid to make a post on this topic.