Thursday, June 26, 2014

Foundation Review and Current Foundation Routine

Hey Dolls!

As you all know I am an oily girl who is OBESSED with makeup. So naturally I am always experimenting with different products to keep my oils at bay. For years I have searched for products that can keep my skin matte or at least not as oily as a bottle of canola oil. And after all the searching I think I can now say that this is the best routine I have had thus far.

The star of the show (the foundation) is the Kat Von D Lock- it tattoo foundation. It has a great color range. There are about 14 colors in the collection. (my shade is Deep 74) It is available at Sephora and is $34.00.

The Lock-it foundation is made of 21% pigment. This makes it full coverage. The foundation in this routine works wonders to hide my scarring, hyperpigmentation, laugh lines, and etc. This foundation would work for people with serious scarring, lots of red, cystic acne, and large areas of hyperpigmentation. I would not recommend this product to people who do not have scarring, acne, or hyperpigmentation. It could make the skin look cakey and overdone.

The foundation sets extremely matte which, makes it perfect for people like me who have grease slicks for faces. It claims to last 24 hours. I cannot say it lasts that long because I would NEVER wear foundation for 24 hours. But, I can say that it lasts 10 hours. (which is my usual wear time.)
Also, this product allows for minimal touch-ups. Which makes it great for days when you are busy at work or school and cannot check your face every hour.

So, in short it has been the greatest foundation I have found. It is definitely worth all $34.00. I highly recommend for people with super oily, acne prone skin.

The Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Foundation Bottle

Now I want to tell you Dolls about my foundation routine. This routine is full coverage, long lasting, and mattifying. So, without further a do lets get into it!

Lets begin with skin preparation...
  • After I allow my skin care to sink in for about 15 minutes I will apply Benefit Porefessional primer all over my skin.
  • I will then apply my ELF eye primer all over my eye area (my lid, crease, brow bone, brow, and under eye.)
  • To keep my lips soft and to prepare then for future lip color I apply Carmex to my lips.
  • I give my primer a good 5 minutes to settle on my skin before applying my foundation. So I will usually start with my eyebrows and eye makeup.
Now to foundation and other cream/liquid products...
  • I pump about 1.5 to 2 pumps of Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Foundation in Deep 74 onto to a clean surface. (I usually use a little paper plate) I then dot the foundation onto my face.
  • Using my damp Real Techniques beauty sponge I blend the foundation into my skin.
  • Once my foundation is evenly applied and blended I will then use my Clinique All About Eyes Concealer in 08 Deep Honey to brighten under my eye, down the bridge of my nose, my forehead, my chin, my cupid's bow, and under the hallow of my cheek (this helps emphasize my contour .).
  • I blend out the concealer under my eyes with my ELF Pointed Foundation Brush and I blend out the rest with the beauty sponge.
  • If I am in the mood for a bold contour I will apply Ruby Kisses 3D face creator in level 16 with a basic flat foundation brush to my nose, hallows of cheeks, around my chin, on my forehead, and under my lip. (This step is optional. It is not something I do on an everyday basis. I usually leave this for nights out, special occasions, or flawless face routines.)  
  • I allow that to set for a good 5- 10 minutes. In this time I usually put on my clothes or do my hair.
Now it's time to place on powders, highlighters, and setting sprays...
  • After my creams have set I put Clinique blended face powder in 05 transparency 5 on a large powder brush. I use this to set my oily areas and then blend the rest of the product on the brush onto the non-highlighted portions of my face.
  • I then use my ELF mineral eye brightener in Buff to set my lighter concealer. I generally pat this on with my ELF Flawless concealer brush. 
  • My bronzer/ contour powder of choice varies between the Maybelline Fit Me powder in 360 mocha and the Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzer powder in Turks and Caicos. I apply those to areas that I like to contour with my small tapered brush from ELF.
  • My blush changes daily and on most summer days I go without it. However, if I do apply blush it is usually applied with my ELF small stipple brush.
  • To highlight I use ELF's radiance enhancer pen in sunrise. I blend that out with my beauty sponge. Then I apply a powder highlight to further highlight and set the highlighter from before. The powder highlighter that I use generally changes day to day. Also, I try to stay away from highlighting in the summer. It would just make me look like a can of Crisco. And isn't nobody got time fo' that!
  • To set all of my makeup I will use the Model in a Bottle Makeup Setting Spray in Original Matte Finish 
And that's it!
Thank you for reading this extremely long post. I hope it helped. As always I hope you  Dolls enjoy this post. All links to products mentioned will be below the disclaimer. Please remember to share my blog with your friends and family. I hope you all have a wonderful week!
-The Makeup Junkie

  1. I usually don't apply makeup every single day nor to I use a super full coverage look every time that I do apply makeup.
  2. All products used were purchased by me.
  3. All thoughts/opinions are my own.
  4. I am not affiliated with any of the people or companies mentioned.