Monday, February 24, 2014

My current everyday foundation, highlighting, and contouring routine

Hey Dolls,

   My love for face make-up is crazy. Therefore, my foundation routine is ever changing. With that being said Today's blog post is going to be my everyday foundation routine. So, let's get started!

   Let's start off with my skin preparation...

  • I don't moisturize my skin with hydrating products due to the oil slick I call my face being well... oily. So, instead I use the Clean and Clear oil control treatment.

  • Then, I apply my L'Oreal Youth Code Pore Vanisher to help minimize the look of my pores.

  • Lastly, I apply my L'Oreal Miracle Blur to help reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

  • I will allow five minutes for each product to settle into my skin. 

  Now to foundation...

  • I wet my beauty blending sponge.

  • I proceed to apply my primer, which currently is the Covergirl Tru Magic Skin Protector Balm.

  • As I allow my face primer to settle I apply my eye primer, which is Urban Decay's Primer Potion in the color Eden. It's a yellow-ish matte primer.

  • Again I allow the primers time to settle. 

  • My foundation is the Revlon Color Stay for Combo/ Oily skin in 410 Cappuccino. I apply it on my face in dots to evenly disperse the product. (BTW: it dries fast so work in sections.) 

  • Using my damp sponge I will stipple the foundation into a thin layer over my skin. Avoiding my eyebrow area because my eyebrows are usually already done.

  • If necessary I will apply an extra layer of foundation and/or concealer to cover any blemishes. Though I do have some hyper-pigmentation and acne one thin layer of foundation generally covers everything. Sometimes if I want more coverage I will use a flat top foundation brush instead of more product.

  • Then I apply a thin layer of my Clinique Blended Face Powder. It's a tinted translucent loose powder.   

   Onto highlighting...

  • Due to my oiliness I usually stick to a shimmer free highlight. So I use a concealer 2-3 shades lighter than me with an orangey tone to highlight. The orange will conceal any blueness that maybe under my eyes. I apply this concealer to my under eyes, my cupid's bow, chin, jaw line, bridge of nose, forehead, and sides of my nose.

  • With the pointed side of my make-up blending sponge I blend out the concealer.

  • I set my highlight with a pointed blush brush and a light brown powder.

  Time to sculpt those cheeks...

  • To add cheekbones to my chubby face I apply contour with Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder in the color 360 Mocha.

  • I further contour my features by applying powder to my hairline, on my jawline, sides of my nose, and under my bottom lip.

  • Remember to blend with a large powder brush.

   To add life back into my face...

  • I generally apply a peach, orange, golden, or bronze blush to my to revive my face.

   To put the icing on the cake...

  • To set the powdery finish of your make-up and to give your make-up lasting powder use a mattifying make-up setting spray. I usually use the Urban Decay De-Slick or the NYX matte setting spray.

Well, that's my everyday foundation, highlighting and contouring routine. Its nothing fancy or special about it. It lasts me a day. Though I blot 2-4 times a day. Its only because I am an oil slick. This routine is fast, it only takes me ten to fifteen minutes. So for anyone who doesn't want to spend an hour doing their makeup this foundation look is for you. Hopefully this helps my oily skinned girls especially! If you have dry skin I would use less powder and a dewy foundation and/ or setting spray to prevent your make-up from clinging to your dry skin.
All right well that is it folks! Leave any comments below if you have any questions, comment, or requests. Also share my blog, and 1+ it if you have Google plus. Please add yourself to my Google Plus circle. Thanks for visiting my blog Dolls and have a great day.
                                                                                                                  -The Make-up Junkie