Friday, December 18, 2015

Bold Liner and Red Lip Tutorial

Hey Dolls!
Welcome back to the Makeup Junkie! Today I am going to share my go to dramatic winged liner and red lip look with you all. Mind you this is a lot of makeup. If you aren't one to wear this much, then this look isn't for
you. I will however, be posting a way more simple and everyday look for people who are looking for a more neutral, natural look. With all that said, let's jump straight into it!
Let's begin with skin prep:

  • I used Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector on the center on my face as well as on my cheeks. I used soft pressing motions to push this into my skin and really diminish the appearance of my pores. 
Onto the Eyes:
  • I primed my eyes with concealer after I filled in my brows. On this particular day I used NYX Mirco Pencil in Espresso to fill in my brows. I set them in place with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dark Brown Setting Gel. 
  • I set my concealer with the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Loose setting powder. 
  • I then went in with Red Earth and Sienna by Anastasia on a blending brush. I applied these shadows into my crease to add depth. 
  • I took a smaller more precise brush and applied the color Colombia from Cargo into the outer 1/3 of my crease. I was very careful to to deposit too much color into one area. I did this several times until I was satisfied with the results.  
  • I took the same blending brush from before to drag the colors inward. This gives the illusion of a different eye shape. 
  • I blended any lines that the shadows may have leave behind with a clean blending brush. 
  • I used a matte tan color to highlight my brow bone. 
  • I used a gel liner to create a thick line across my entire lid. My goal is to pretty much cover the entire lid with liner. Of course you can make the liner as thick or as thin as you would like. 
  • I applied mascara on my upper lashes. 
  • Then I concealed and set my under eyes.
  • I applied a waterproof black eyeliner pencil into the water line and upper lash liner.
  • I finished off the eyes with lower lash mascara. 
Onto my lips: 
  • I used a black lipliner to line my lips. 
  • Then I used that same liner and lightly filled in my lips.
  • I topped the black lipliner with a deep red lipstick.
  • I finished off the combo with a clear gloss over top. 
That's all Folks!! 

Those are my current favorites!   That's all Folks!

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-The Makeup Junkie

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